Stop zooming out to the 'overview' page?

please remove the overview zoom, it doesn’t make sense and its making me think of going elsewhere


Hi, How can I change the behavior as Prezi continues to zoom out every time a topic is changed. I got comment from many from the audience that its distracting at the same time can make people dizzy with so much transition. Is there a way to fix it or can I take my presentation to the older version- classic and change it?


This is the new way Prezi Next functions. Do you have Classic? If so, I would continue to use Classic until Prezi makes the decision to make the “zoom to Overview” as an option. We have also gotten the same feedback from both audience and trainers, but I have been told that Prezi says that their studies show different . . . not sure if they were using their Prezzies on vast types of audiences. Prezi PLEASE change this and make the overview zoom an OPTION!!!

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Wow… Thanks!!

Can I open Prezi Next in Prezi Classic and use the old behavior?

A way to avoid a lot of “jumping” is to also choose Stack topics & sub-topics (avoid Planets). The Stack allows you to transition more closely to Powerpoint. While this does not address any zooming to/from the Overview, it may help you to eliminate the dizzy factor as much as possible if you choose to remain in Next.

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You have to use either Classic or Next. Plastic_Ingenuity has a good way of doing it too, in fact, now that I think about it, that is how I did it. I do not use planets at all. You can make your “topics” look however you want by editing the stack. It is VERY time-consuming, and you need to know exactly what your outline is for best results, but it is possible. I did one presentation and zoomed out only before and after the full presentation. I just have to keep track of where everything went and how it behaved. It is not my preferred way of doing things and goes against Prezi’s “Simple Presentations” phylosophy, but you gotta do what your audience needs and wants and ours do not like the new Next Overview. Again, as I said on another thread, I HOPE that Prezi will make this zoom out to Overview an option in the very near future.

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A lot of people don’t realize that they can still use the old Prezi Classic. I made a video to describe the difference between the two Prezis and explain which to choose.

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Though I agree with you Robin, but the tech is OLD and Next is supposed to be the ‘Next’ step for Prezi and it has become a step backwards in many areas for many of us. It is very sad. I think that my boss will be telling us in September to go back to PowerPoint since Next really cannot do what we need it to do and Classic had a problem with not being compatible with PresenterPro for our conferences. I am really sad that Prezi has gone this direction. :frowning: They will lose us not only as a subscriber but also as a word of mouth advertiser. We no longer promote what software we use since you can no longer get Classic and Next will not deliver the same kind presentations that Classic does which is what our customers and trainees have LOVED! I hope there will be some home before September comes.


I agree, I used to recommend Prezi to everybody I spoke with, but not anymore. I simply do not like Next - have tried it several times but just do not like the way it puts me in a creative straight jacket. I’m sad to say I am heading back to PowerPoint as I cannot risk investing time in creating Prezi presentations when Classic may well be on the way out. I do find it amazing that Prezi can put out a product such as Next, which is clearly well below what everybody expects these days, and then just try and build it as they go along, and expect customers to pay for it! I cannot believe that it is beyond the capability of your development team not to give us a better version of Classic that works without Flash. Come on guys, I have invested so much time and money in your business, stop letting us down by trying to convince us that Next is what we want - IT ISN’T! Please listen to your users before you go out of business.


You can now see that this topic is under discussion, meaning that our Product Team likes the idea and considers implementing it. We’ll update this thread with any news.

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I totally agree, Marcel_Wilschut, it is my basic need just to be able to set those greyed out first and last steps of animations.

@Vanda thanks for reading, my request would be: because the path and according animations are set by default within a topic, at the moment I was not able to design a non-linear customized path of presenting within a topic in Prezi Next. For example: I could not go to a subtopic, then come back to the topic and then fade-in the text of the topic itself.

I am so confused with how people are having problems with this. In my opinion prezi-next has all the same capabilities as classic yet with ADDED options. If I want full control over the path, without having to go back to the overview, I can create an entire presentation within one topic. With the use of the zoom in/out feature, I can create my custom path without ever going back to the overview. The easiest way to think about it is once you go into a topic, it is the same as being at the beginning of a classic prezi. Only now I have the option of doing the “conversational” style if need be. Otherwise just do the whole presentation in one topic.


Well said @Jesse_Worcester

After encouraging my presentation group to use Prezi only to find this new ridiculous “feature” of removing control from the presenter on, well, what they are presenting, I’m pretty embarrassed.
I used to encourage Prezi to my hundreds of first-year college students and discourage PowerPoint. I will no longer do that.
What a shame. This was totally unnecessary and no one believes it couldn’t have been resolved (or not been added).
I guess I will no longer be using Prezi as it has not listened to customer complaints about looking like idiots while trying to present in-depth information to people who can remember what presentation they’re listening to for more than 30 seconds. Fun while it lasted, guys. Womp womp.

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Great idea!

I absolutely love Prezi, but the constant zooming in and out gives everybody a headache.

I get such amazing feedback about using Prezi when others use PPT, however this is a constant complaint. Worse for me as the creator as I have to watch it right in front of my face time and time again when testing!!

Surely a simply numbering system in the order that they’ll be viewed couldn’t be that hard to implement.

I’ve read through this entire thread. The only thing I don’t see is an explanation of why Prezi Next requires the Zoom Out to Overview, other than vague references to conversational vs. non-conversational presentations. I’ve made presentations where it’d be helpful to jump back to the Overview and presentations where it would have been weird and would have required a complete re-working of the presentation or a switch to PowerPoint or another presentation option. There has to be a good reason to enforce a constraint like this in all cases (as opposed to, say, sharing data with users to support an argument encouraging them to use the Zoom Out to Overview), I just can’t imagine what that might be.


I agree with you, Joe. We have tried Next with our trainers and they HATE it and say that it breaks up the flow or our trainings. We are back to Classic for now. The whole conversational vs. non-conversational is just not all that true except for a few “studies”. We have been researching this and cannot find adequate reasons for this entire shift. Prezi, PLEASE give a GOOD answer to your reasoning with back-up support that shows how presentations are TRULY proved outside a sales pitch.


It is really hard to present my project becuase i have about 20 subplanets

Any Update ? Maybe in the next release?

Our Product Team is discussing the possible implementation of this feature, as the tag of this topic also suggests, but it’s not on our short-term roadmap, I’m afraid. I’ll share any news once we have them from the responsible team.