Stop zooming out to the 'overview' page?

I’ve started building two seperate Prezi’s in Next and have regretted both. This issue could be a real challenge for your business moving forward, so I think you may want to think more seriously about moving the issue higher up the “possible implementation” timeline. Even if the overall idea is conversational, sometimes you need a less obnoxious path from A to B. Thanks for considering.

I’ve been a longtime user. The fact that it forces me to zoom out every transition is disastrous. There’s really no way to fix this? Serious fail. and why has this been an issue for over a month that hasn’t been addressed? It’s actually a serious disappointment - had I known this BEFORE I started to develop an important presentation, I would have used another program. But this forces unnecessary transitions and will induce the dreaded ‘sea sickness’ that people complain about. Has this been fixed at all, I can’t find it if so. Worse, I can’t take the work that I did to try prezi next and pull it into the old version - which would be much better.

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I am a bit speechless. Long time user here, I just made a full presentation in Next and thought the zoom back to overview for each slide was some sort of bug.
I will have to redo all the presentation in classic (or just change product altogether), it is a huge waste of time.
“Next” is not usable as it is now.
Edit: really not happy about this, several hours of work wasted
Edit 2: it.doesn’t.make.any.sense. When reading a book, do you jump back to the cover after each chapter?


We have tried a few workarounds, but they take 4 to 5 times longer to make and then the whole presentation is created on one “card”. It is very frustrating. We have now gone back to Classic for the time being, but looking at other alternatives. :frowning:

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to mess around with this and will not use Prezi for this. Hopefully it can be resolved, but if not I am going to have to exit stage left as a user and advocate.

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All the feedback received here has been channeled and any updates will be added to the thread.

In the meantime, please consider turning to the method offered by @Plastic_Ingenuity above:

A way to avoid a lot of “jumping” is to also choose Stack topics & sub-topics (avoid Planets). The Stack allows you to transition more closely to Powerpoint. While this does not address any zooming to/from the Overview, it may help you to eliminate the dizzy factor as much as possible if you choose to remain in Next.

I’ve also made this suggestion in the Ideas category and I invite others on this thread to check it out please and add feedback in case it’s a direction worth looking into: Add Thumbnails for Zoom Areas in Animations

My thought was/is by adding a feature to better track Zoom Areas, you can build something more akin to Classic & avoid jumping out to the Overview if you prefer not to.

We have been trying various ways to recreate the path since that is how most of our presentations go, the problem is that if you want to switch an element around with another it is no just moving a “card” on the deck as you can do in Classic, now you have to know exactly where each element is and then spend time to readjust either that element or that element and all the others around it when it comes to when it falls in the presentation. You cannot create the path the same way. It is possible, but it takes much longer to do this. I have joined the other group, but I am not sure if Prezi understands the real issue here. It is NOT just the lack of “path” as in Classic, but it is the zooming out which has been complained about from both our customers AND our trainers. We will see what we can come up with in the other forum, but honestly, I am getting tired of all the workarounds for basic things that just should have been included with Next i.e. audio, spell check, path tool, video, graphics, icons, custom colors. We are still sticking with Prezi for now but will continue to voice the ongoing problems with not being able to make the same kind of outstanding and innovative presentations as we did in the Classic.

I understand the limitations of moving away from flash. I just can’t believe this isn’t a high priority to fix.

Deciding whether or not to return to Prezi’s Next option.

Reading this thread which has had 4.3K views to date has made me realise that in my opinion PREZI must have a BIG Problem at the core of the NEXT HTML5 product.

The prevaricating Prezi moderators’explanations for this Zoom issue (and the animated GIF fail) have the consistent political tone of of a professional doing their best to avoid telling a simple binary truth:-1:

Q:- “Can you solve the zoom and GIF issues?”

A:- “No”

This is the last straw for me. I used to use Prezi a lot and loved it. Nothing works like it used to, my presentation has taken 10 times longer to prepare, and it sucks. Prezi is slow, the quality is poor and now this zooming back to the overview absolutely ruins what could have worked. It’s so slow and sluggish. The downloaded file actually performs well, but there’s no presenter notes so even that is worthless.

It is utterly RIDICULOUS that you cannot turn this horrid feature off. I just made my first presentation in Prezi Next, and it is going to be the last time I use Prezi, period. It ruins the entire flow of my presentation and looks awful. At least Prezi Classic was functional. Since I have a student account it looks like I can’t switch back to Prezi Classic (not that I would even have time to re-do it). I hold out no hope that Prezi will deal with this quickly and effectively, based on the responses we’re seeing here (which are exactly what they said 3 years ago about being able to import gifs). I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the reason they won’t share their road map is because nothing on it was actually user requested or helps rectify their many outstanding issues.

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Dang. I just started using Prezi today, but I don’t think I’ll keep using it. This “feature” is a deal breaker.

I am a long time user of prezi (over 3 years) and this is RIDICULOUS people have been complaining about this same issue since may and now it’s October and you guys have done nothing to fix it. This is a basic concept that a presentation program like you guys should have. Try putting yourself in our shoes if your presenting to an audience then after every slide it keeps zooming out to the overview your audience is easily going to loose their attention towards your presentation therefore your audience loose perspective on the whole meaning of your presentation and possibility the teacher will to. The overview animation/zoom to feature does not help at all because it still zooms to the overview, so you need to fix that. I would go back to prezi classic but I love the animation and backgrounds for prezi next. It’s really frustrating and time consuming searching up every time I need to find out how to do something on prezi next. 6 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS and you guys still can’t make improvements on this issue and it’s a clear case that a lot of want you guys to add this feature was thinking about upgrading to prezi premium but now due this issue I have changed my mind and am very disappointed. For now I am going to use another presentation software for my presentations and I will go back to prezi if this issue is fixed.

That’s actually if you guys do fix it -_-

Any update on this move to the “short list”? My presentation in Next looks lousy by comparison to similar one in Classic. The other differences I have been able to work around or ignore, but this one really is distracting.

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I’ve spent hours wrestling through figuring out how to use this new Next tool. The “slight” differences have forced an entirely new way of thinking about structuring content, let alone figuring out the nuance of how to design in these Topics. I want to love it, and see the value in it. But…

I’ve finally gotten to the point of creating two topics back to back, and found this ridiculous thread stating that it’s not possible to move from one topic to the next without zooming back to the whole Overview?! Since April?!

Like all others - a deal breaker.
And, HOURS wasted trying to learn this tool, now having to start my entire project over in Classic, and start re-re-thinking the whole structure from the beginning. Thanks a lot Prezi.

Fix this PLEASE?!? You’re wasting tons of valuable time of creative professionals! My deadline is slipping by the day.

Dear Prezi,

It is HILARIOUS that you are incapable of listening to your customers.

Zooming back to overview after every topic is RIDICULOUS.

I’m moving back to Powerpoint.

Way to go to piss off all of your customers.


I agree. This is very frustrating. I was going to buy a subscription to be able to upload videos but I won’t now. I’ll have to go back to Classic or Powerpoint…

I’ve been using Prezi for years, and just discovered the Next version. As a great number of users mentioned it, zooming back to overview is a real problem : for me it becomes useless in short presentations. I’ll have to switch back to Powerpoint, till this point is (if ever) corrected.

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The zooming out was introduced with the purpose of providing a logical framework for conversational presenting. This was done in order to let the presenter have the freedom to adapt to the needs of the audience.

The ability to zoom into the overview allows the presenter to freely jump into any part of the presentation rather than being forced to go through slide after slide if they need to go back to a certain part of the presentation.

If your presentation does not require zooming out, you can avoid it by working with subtopics rather than topics:

Also, using the Stack option instead of the Planet one eliminates zooming:

Please know that we do acknowledge all your feedback and forward it to the product managers.