Stop zooming out to the 'overview' page?

This solution is NOT what we need nor what we paid for when we signed up for Prezi years ago. Prezi Classic was unique and innovative and our trainers and customers LOVED how it was so different from PowerPoint. Not so now. Prezi Next is now clunky, slow, choppy when zooming in and out and we have yet to produce something that we are proud of and can use for our training workshops. (We are now being forced to use Classic as long as we can until we can find something that works for us.) We are VERY disappointed in the lack of features of Prezi Next. As I have said in another thread, but my lead trainer actually asked me if we went back to PowerPoint when he saw our Prezi Next presentation and asked to have Classic back since his trainees liked the way it took them on a journey while learning the information that they need.

Your “solution” to fix the lack of PATH and not having to go out to overview problem is no solution for us. We have tired this very “solution” many times in various ways over the past 5 months and it does replace the PATH tool of classic which is why we joined Prezi in the first place. We cannot access multiple locations of our background and cannot place the subtopics where needed on the background. We cannot pan from one section of the background to another without having to zoom out to the overview unless we created our own type of “path”, but then we cannot see where our “path thumbnail” is coming from or going to.

It is also not possible to zoom into one particular point of the background due to the “3-D hover” that Prezi seems to think all of it’s customers love. We do NOT. The background picture which we use for training our customers (though it is a HIGH quality photo which is crisp in Classic) is TERRIBLE and we will NOT embarrass our company just because Prezi has decided to no longer create crisp backgrounds conversions from PDFs. I personally have tried over 10 HD PDF and JPG backgrounds and NONE are as crisp as they are when I have put them in Classic.

The lack of path tool is just one proof that in Prezi Next, the creator is NO LONGER in control of their presentation. This is a VERY bad thing for Prezi and your loyal, long time customers who are not sales people and do not like nor need going out to the overview all the time, yet, the “solution” Next has, does not work. We may as well go back to PowerPoint and get more creative with that platform due all the features Next now lacks. It took almost 4 months to just get a BLANK template implemented. Four months??!!

Forum feedback of features that are lacking in Next that have have used in Classic and how your team has responded:

  1. Lack of Path tool (must go out to overview and 3-D hover makes it impossible to use Next like Classic) (under_discussion - problem since April/May ??)
  2. No spell check (under_discussion - problem since May)
  3. No animated GIF (under_discussion - problem since April)
  4. No In-editor image editing (no_planned - problem since April)
  5. No sharp background (nothing really stated - problem since April)
  6. No audio ability at all (used to be able to narrate and use background music) This has been promised, but NOTHING in months. (planned (for months), but not sure exactly what “Add audio files” means - first reported January 15)
  7. Faster zooms and adjustable fade-in and out times (not-planned - problem May/June)

These 7 things have been customer feedback discussions for MONTHS and the best response that Prezi has provided has been a “planned” tag on some of them, yet no timeline. Acknowledgement of feedback with no real action breaks trust with customers. It is really sad, because we used to promote Prezi to every company who we worked with. Now we cannot since the companies we work with (we still use Classic, for now) want to produce what we do, and they cannot.

I know that I have gone beyond the scope of your response, but it seemed to be a good time to let you know how our company is not happy with the lack of features of Next and how disappointed we are with your lack of “action” (yes, you have many things planned, but the time it takes to implement has been way too long) with so many who are stating the same things that we have stated over the past months.

Thank you for forwarding this to your product managers, but ACTION will speak louder than the words and assurances that we have heard for months now and just may keep us as customers. We cannot wait much longer to see what Prezi will do.


Please do something! I have 18 slides but it doubles to 36 with the back to overview after every single slide! It’s really annoying!!

I cannot agree more! Everything was said!

If we wanted to use the stack option instead of planets why not just use the very liner power point instead. I was your biggest advocate, but now that everyone leaves my Prezi next presentations dizzy no one asks me what I use anymore. Please listen to this thread.


Whatever is decided, please make it optional. I see a lot of requests to remove the Overview-return “feature” and with my presentations it is very helpful and desired. I’m on the other side and would be bummed if it went away. I’m fine if people don’t like it, give them a feature to remove, but please don’t take it away from me completely.


I agree PreziNext needs this feature. I’m sad to go back to PowerPoint until it is added.

Hi, I want that my presentation doesnt come back to the general view, every time that Iam going on topic.

Who could help me with this.

Iam using the template of abstract speech

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@Gabriela_Santa_Maria. I have merged your question to this thread, please find some possible solutions here, for example in the response above.

About 90 of my students completed their final projects with Prezi next. I instructed them to use one topic with 15 subtopics, one for each page in their portfolio. Using subtopics does prevent it from going back to the overview. None of the templates worked very well for this, so students gutted the templates to make them do what we needed them to. We will probably end up using a blank template with their own background images. Some of the newer templates with boring backgrounds are set up for one topic with subtopics.

They were able to learn Prezi Next easily. We will only continue to use Prezi Next if spell check is implemented before the end of next semester. Their spelling is not good enough to be proud of their presentations.


I really don’t understand why this feature has taken so long to be implemented. It’s a deal breaker. It really is. It makes every presentation TWICE as long as it needs to be. I just don’t understand…


Hi, is it possible to have transitions in prezi next without being redirected to the main topic page each time? Instead, I would like it to go from topic to topic. I have attached the link to my prezi here:
Thank you!

As you already have created topics, maybe I could recommend making those topics into subtopics. You can copy and paste the topics into another topic, for example.

Alternatively, you can just copy and paste the contents into newly created subtopics.

Navigation within subtopics rather than topics will ensure no jumping back to the overview.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Hi Lana. I have the same problem. It’s actually harder to edit your animation path on the paid version of Prezi than it is on the free one!

My presentation is here: I would like to transition from topic to topic without having to go via the overview each time. How can I do this?

Hello, @Saurabh_Upadhyay. I am sorry I haven’t responded earlier.

I can propose this solution – moving all the topics into one, therefore making them subtopics.

Here is the presentation:

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

I do not arrive to delete the transition on all of my sections, when I want to passed to an another main point of my presentation, the prezi get back and shows the entire presentation and all the time is the same. I want to remove that in order to passed fluidly my sections.

The command that I want to delete is: transition after overview

Thank for the help

@Remy_Montvernay I merged your request into the relevant thread, please follow any updates and suggested workarounds there.

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Count me as another frustrated, and soon to be former user of Prezi Next. The inability to control whether or not the presentation jumps back to the overview screen is insufferable. I should have the ability to jump wherever in the path that I want. Sometimes I want to go back and review the present topic and sometimes I want to move ahead to the next one. An application worth its salt should have this capability.


I honestly can’t understand why you would want to limit your user’s creativity with this extremely limiting format. Whoever is in charge of your design philosophy should look to why people liked prezi to begin with. Stop limiting people and rehire whoever was guiding the company when classic came out. This can’t be a technical challenge so it must just be consumer-hostile choice the company is making. The Steve Jobs wannabe who is insisting on this is only slowing your company down from reaching its potential as a truly dynamic tool.

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    Lapsed user of classic who was looking to bring Prezi to a new company that could’ve use the tool

Ha ha - I tried desperately about a year ago to learn and use Prezi Next and had to bail because of this issue. Decided to log on today to see if they’ve fixed it (surely!!). I guess NOPE.
That sucks.
Back to Classic, I guess.
Man, Flash is cool in 2018.

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