Story block image disappears when presenting

The “Biography” story block does not keep the pre selected image when presenting. I have noticed an icon that indicates the possibility to change the image, but this is not working.

Hello @Dominik_Eschborn, that image is a placeholder (decoration) from the story block and that’s why it’s not visible in present mode, but you should be able to click on it and replace it, easily.

Could you please send us the title of the presentation so we can look into this?

Hello @Catarina, the placeholder was not that easy to replace, only once entering advanced topic editing mode. I managed to fix it myself, but I really liked the placeholder image. The name of the presentation is “MacCaig”.

Hello @Dominik_Eschborn, do you recall the story block that you inserted? I can try to search for that image, if you wish :slight_smile:

Thank you @Catarina that would be fantastic. It is the “Biography” story block, and the image is a scroll of paper with a feather writing on it.

Hello @Catarina, any luck finding the image yet?

Hello @Dominik_Eschborn, sorry for the delay! You should be able to download the icon through here.

Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile: