Streaming Prezi Video - blurred slides

Daar Community,
2 questions:

  1. I used Prezi Video with MS Teams on my online academic course. I made my video by importing PPTs. The slides are quite blurred with half screen and full screen as well. My face is blurred as well, much more than sharing PPT in MS Teams. Could you give me an answer, why?
  2. While streaming my Prezi Video with MS Teams the live video is very slow. The quality of my meetings is better using MS Teams without Prezi Video. How can I enhance the quality using Prezi Video?
    I used Prezi Video desktop app + MS Team desktop app, with OS 10.15.
    Thank you!
    Best regards, Ester

Hi @Dr_Jakopanecz_Eszter, I’ve contacted our developers regarding this issue and it seems like the internet connection might be slow for Prezi Video.
Could you check and let me know your download and upload speed that you get there?

Hi @Bart, thank you for your reply. I checked my internet connection, here are the details:

Hi @Dr_Jakopanecz_Eszter, this network bandwith should be enough on your side, but the person who is watching the livestream should also have an internet connection with good enough speed to process the stream.

The blurriness of your live stream is most probably because of network issues as streaming a live video is always resource demanding.

Hi @Bart, thank you for your response.