Structuring and zooming

Prezi Next’s performance is optimized around structuring so it’s easier to quickly create and flexibly navigate to support a memorable conversational presenting experience. While structuring your presentation, keep the following in mind:

  • Break down content into a few main topics to make it easier for your viewers to understand and remember.
  • Customize topic covers to include your themes and images for a more meaningful experience. It’s also a great way to promote brand identification.
  • Use subtopics to go into detail and to ensure a smooth performance. If you have more than six subtopics, split your content into two topics for coherency and efficiency. Avoid hacking in zoom areas where you can use subtopics instead.
  • Take advantage of zoom reveal to control just how your story unfolds. Zoom reveal hides your content until you enter the topic and keeps your audience engaged.

Click here to see the example presentation!

This is all great ONLY if you are having a very loose conversational presentation. If not, you have a very difficult job of presenting in Next. It is NOT easy nor quick. The zoom in and out is jerky and embarrassing while presenting. We do NOT need planets or orbiting subtopics all the time, yet that seems to be all we can get.

Our customers HATE Next’s new way of presentation and they have let us know it, so we have gone back to Classic and are getting compliments again, but cannot promote Prezi (even if we would like to) because they would never be able to create in Next, what we can do in Classic. When will there be path tool like Classic? When will the year-long requests for bringing Classic features to Next happen? Will we have to wait for another year?


I would agree, I am just a passing user but will probably not make another Prezi since it has not been obvious how to manipulate the animations to get what I want. I would like more flexibility in the timeline and able to choose different shapes for the orbitals. I can add a different shape and make a zoom but then I do not get the revealed text option. When I do add a new orbital it is very difficult to make the animation occur the way I want even if I drag the order around.

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I am trying to move my sub topics anywhere I want across my overview screen. But Prezi Next always Zooms into the Topic. I can only move the subtopics around the zoomed in area and Prezi doesn’t let me granularly zoom out (like Prezi classic did). How can I work around this or what am I doing wrong? I would like to spread my subtopics out across my entire overview screen and just have one main topic. Thank you.

Hi @Joe_Green, I’ve merged your question to a relevant topic.

Please note that normally your subtopics should be inside your topic area for a smooth presentation experience. You can check this article for further information on structuring in Prezi, or you can choose to use Zoom areas to create a more free-flowing presentation following this guide.