Students under 13 are unable to register for free accounts

I have two 6th grade students who are unable to self-register for a Basic account. When they click “Create your free Basic account”, it says “Please use a valid email address”. They have school Google accounts (G Suite For Education), but the gmail app is turned off for them until they reach 8th grade (i.e. they have an email address, but cannot receive email there until they are in 8th grade). I thought maybe they had already self-registered for accounts and just forgot their passwords, so I temporarily enabled the gmail app on their accounts and made sure they can receive email from, I went to Forgot Password and entered their email addresses, and they never received an email with a link to reset their passwords. Please help me register these two students. I can’t post their email addresses in this forum, and I cannot contact support directly with my free account, so I would appreciate someone from Prezi reaching out to me to resolve this. Thanks.

Screenshot of error the students see when attempting to self-register:

2017-10-03 09_41_54-Sign up for your free Prezi Basic account _ Presentation Software _ Prezi

Please note that if your students are under the age of 13, we cannot endorse their creation of Prezi accounts due to the COPPA, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. They can view presentations you create; they just can’t have their own accounts or create content. Please see the “4. Age Restrictions on Use of the Service” in our Terms of Use.

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Thanks for that info, @Vanda Some students under 13 have been able to self-register, and I’m trying to figure out how / why they were able to register. How is Prezi checking their age? Is it pulling that information via OAuth from Google? Also, is it possible for me to send you a list of accounts for students under the age of 13 so their accounts can be disabled?

Our system doesn’t do age verification but accepting our Terms of Use comes with accepting COPPA, as well.

Please send the list to and our responsible team will remove the accounts.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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Thank you for the prompt replies, @Vanda. Your assistance is much appreciated.

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You’re very welcome, @Greg_Gillette, I’m glad I could help!

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Last year my students easily created free Prezi accounts. This year, I’ve got them to create an account and it now says that they can have a free account for 7 days and then they have to pay a subscription.

I was just wondering if the policy has changed. I’ve also noticed that students need to be 13+ which my students are not and was wondering if this was blocking them from creating an account.


Hello @Samantha_Ellis, Unfortunately we cannot endorse the creation of Prezi accounts by children under thirteen years old according to the COPPA, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.
Please note: Children under 13 can view presentations you create; however cannot have their own account or create content. Please see “4. Age Restrictions on Use of the Service” in our Terms of Use.
Regarding EDU accounts, currently we offer the Prezi Next Plus license at a discounted price (84 USD instead of 228 USD/year) for students and teachers. Free student licenses are no longer available however the Prezi Next Basic license can still be used for free.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

When I try to setup the Basic Next Free, it only allows for a 14 day free trial. Is the free option for public schools not available at all? Our district can not afford the subscription. Prezi is a great tool for Book Presentations.

Hi @Roberta_Johnson, please see my colleagues answer above. If you use the Prezi Next Basic signup link, it should not start any trial but register a free basic license for you.
Hope this helps!