stuff to add please


I am a graphic designer, comic book artist, and a film maker.

I’ve recently discovered Prezi, and love what it can do so far.

Here are some things I propose for improvement:

  1. Panning Controls

[Control the speeds of the pans]
[Control the path of the pans]
[Control the zooming in and out during pans]
[Record path of pans and zooms during pans for later use]
[Give the option of creating paths using vector paths and also free-hand]
[Give the option to pan from one point to another without zooming in and out automatically. Sometimes you want to show that longer scroll for an effect or to show something in particular order, such as a long even pan from one end of a time line to another without zooming in and out. Yes it will take longer but sometimes that’s the point]

  1. Layers
    [Create option to send to “back hidden” and “bring to front hidden”] Allowing objects to be placed underneath something invisibly until brought into the foreground and vice versa

  2. Teleporting
    [The ability to jump to another point in the presentation space without actually showing the travel] Maybe can be done by temporarily making everything invisible to view until you reach the teleport point. Maybe even control how one “spawns” at the destination point (fading in or popping or other effects, thus making transitions possible without actually sacrificing the principal of the entire presentation being in one presentation space.

  3. Dynamic CSS changing
    [Allow the background colors and fonts to change during a presentation]
    [Allow creating partitions within the presentation space that has different CSS values] example take space and split into four quads. Quad one has black background white text, Quad two has white background black text, and so on.

  4. Replace objects during presentation
    [Example: You’ve got 3 images; A, B, & C. Path goes from Image A (Path point #1) to Image B (Path point #2). Give us the option to insert Image C in Image B’s place and assign it Path point#3]

That’s all I have for now. You guys are doing a marvelous job and looking forward to seeing further improvements with Prezi!!

These are great ideas! +1!

Wonderful ideas. Although I can not promise a timeline, I’ve forwarded this to our designers so that they can tell me what is foreseeable.


Thanks! It’s great knowing that someone actually reads the input.

I am actually in the process of starting an online graphic novel and will be using Prezi to render it online.

I will definitely be back to give further feedback when I start utilizing it.

-Charlie Yi

Great! We LOVE hearing from users how they are using Prezi and how Prezi is limiting them.


Support for “teleporting:” In a practical sense, some audience members for a presentation I give regularly complain about too much motion. It would be nice to be able to take a full break from the zoom and allow the audience to set foot on solid ground (meaning, the possibility of fading in or out to different points of the canvas rather than flying there). This would really close the gap between prezi and other presentation tools - giving possibility to the full range of motion. Finally, it would also give a back door into creating the illusion of animation - by allowing us to dissolve or fade to different parts of the canvas like a stop animation flip book. The need to zoom throws off the animation effect. Two birds with one stone?

Is Teleporting still not an option? Does anyone have a workaround? I have a mix of prezi and powerpoint slides and if I can get prezi to just go to then next slide without motion, that would be great.

Hey Guys. It’s been 2 years now. Any progress on my initial post?