Stumbled on Prezi..and I love it!

So, I’m meeting with a potential client next week and thought ‘‘wouldn’t it be cool to display some images on the iPad?’’ Then I wondered about a presentation, yet many apps costs a few £££s until I stumbled across Prezi…

…Its really intuitive, very customisable and fun to use. So I showed my friend, next thing I knew we were working on it together, whilst skyping too then syncing to my iPad to preview - very cool.

It adds a new dimension to to initial meetings and I’ll definatly be using again:…


That’s great to hear!!! So glad you are loving Prezi. Make sure you check out the entire site to find out everything Prezi has to offer to our users.

Also, our community discussion forum is open for ideas, suggestions, and discussion, but also for Prezi users to help each other with their problems. Feel free to join in!