Probably also a thread about it somewhere else, but couldn’t find it.
I have craated a lot of prezi’s and backup-copies over the years. Also some prezi’s from others.
Certainly after I moved my Prezi Classic files to Prezi Presenter/Next it takes too much time to find them back and the old Prezi’s are now seen as the most recent.
So I’m going to organise them in folders. But because I have several topics I talk about per category I was wondering if subfolders are also possible to get an even higher level of organization.

Hello @Jesse_van_Akkeren, unfortunately, there is no possibility to create subfolders on Prezi, but I’ll make sure to transfer your feedback to our product team.

Is there a way to create a folder within a folder to archive old Prezis?

Hello @Joseph_Dimarco, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic. Could you please check the answers above?