Subscribe to/follow a Creator & Bookmark Presentations

As an educator, I need to have quick access to my colleagues’ presentations. 

How do I subscribe to/follow the prezi presentations created by another person?  I would like to be able to quickly refer to the lectures created by a fellow professor, but I can only see a couple of his lectures at a time (I can’t see all of them at once for a quick search).  I’d like to be able to periodically pop in and see his new lectures.

In the same train of thought, have you created a way to bookmark prezi presentations that we’d like to go back to for reference?  I have <3 several, but I can’t find a way to go back into my “favorites” other than to look at another person’s presentation, like it, and then find the link to look at other’s I’ve liked.  That’s pretty tedious.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Eva,

This is indeed a great idea, but we do not offer the possibility to subscribe to a Creator. However you can bookmark presentations. How?

Just by clicking the Like button under the prezi landing page.

You can review a list of which prezis you have liked by clicking the link that appears to the right of the ’ Liked’ button.

Or simply by clicking at your name in the right top corner of the prezi page, and selecting Profile Page , there you will see your prezis + the prezis you have liked.

If the name of the creator of the prezi you liked has a Public profile, his name will be underlined in blue, which means that if you liked his prezi, and if you go to your profile page to check them you just need to click in the name of the creator to go to his Profile Page.

Hope that helps.



Thank you Nicole,

Finding the “Liked” prezis is a bit circuitous, but I found them.  I appreciate you showing me where to find them.  

Maybe a “Review your liked prezis” button might be put in as a folder under “All Prezis” on the “your prezis” page for greater visibility and convenience?

Thanks again,