Subscription extension based on referral


There have any option to create referral link and share with others to engage them with Prezi. So that, according to the joining of someone through the referral, have any possibility to get free subscription period or any other reward?

Prezi Affiliate

@Md_Saidur_Rahman currently we do not have a referral program I’m afraid. Thank you for your interest in recommending Prezi to other users though!


Hi Prezi,

If there is any way to register Prezi affiliate?


Hi, could you please elaborate what exactly you had in mind? Thanks in advance!


I see your service is wonderful, so I would like to bring my clients to you.

If I registered as your affiliate, I can gain commission from the users that I guide to you, once they purchased your services.

I can’t find a way to register as your affiliate, please give me one.


@f89b117dfdc077b7e03e I merged your question into the relevant thread, please see my answer above.

Thank you for your interest in referring Prezi to others, currently, we do not have such a programme but I’m going to post any updates regarding this topic in this thread.