Subtopic cover


How can i change the subtopic circles into images. i don’t want a floating solid color floating around with information on top of it, i want the circle to be the image with verbiage listed over it.


Hi, @tyler_patterson. Would this post on how to change topic covers be useful?


Hey Lana,

not ex actually but close. so basically what i am trying to do is take in this case “the blue circle” and have it function ex actually how it is but instead of a solid color, i want that to be an image in the shape as the circle with verbiage on top (attached a photo copy).


Thank you for the explanation, @tyler_patterson.

Do I understand correctly that instead of having the circle inside the subtopic, you would like it to only remain in the cover?

If that is the case, it can be achieved through editing the topic cover in a way that the elements are only visible outside: