Suggest collaborators the way this forum suggests @mentions


Nevertheless I get confused with Prezi’s behaviour and the handling of names, nicknames and e-mail addresses.
While reading threads it’s easy to invite users, because the system makes suggestions which user to add. By typing “R” you get all the users with an “R” in the username

If I use the form to add collaborators in Prezi (offline, version, I have to insert email or name. Starting with a “R” as above results in two matching names, two?

Starting with a “m” results in one matching name without any internal “m”…

Please help, why can’t I invite collaborators by the forum’s username, e-mail is usually unknown. And who is @Istvan_Csatari?:wink:

Adding collaborator in Prezi Next

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Surely, an invitation using forum usernames is a nice idea to “create”, but not mine. My request refers to my problem to invite anybody at all. Even entering the complete and proper e-mail address doesn’t work for me…


The reason behind the difference you describe is that this forum runs on a third party platform (Discourse), which has a different (maybe even better!) way of suggesting people you would like to mention in a post from how Prezi suggests collaborators.
In Prezi, you need to type the name or email address of the user you’d like to add as collaborator. Typing the name only works if the person is in your Prezi team, or if you’ve already collaborated on a presentation earlier.
If this doesn’t seem to be working for you, please share more details on what you’re experiencing and we’ll try and figure out what’s going on.


Thank’s for your reply.

That explains a lot, the other faults are my mistakes, I think. Maybe type mismatches in e-mail addresses or something else. The idea at the beginning remains: suggesting collaborators just like in the Discourse forum software.


Everything is clear now, I think. I edited this topic’s title to reflect your request better.