Suggested improvements for zooming, overview and loading


Whilst I know that most people do take a while to adjust to change, and I can see the benefits of this new service, there are some really frustrating loss of functions that were on the Prezi Classic platform:

  • not being able to zoom to a specific frame/image/item/group of images is very frustrating.

  • The loss of an overview of the slides on the left hand column also makes navigating between different screens very difficult. When you are looking at a particular section, you have to click numerous ‘back’ buttons to return ti the overview.

  • It is slow. Incredibly slow.

*No option to duplicate an item, and copy and paste does not seem to be effectively working.
*You don’t seem to be able to rotate an image/icon

I really hope you can restore these elements of functionality, as I can see that with some tweaking, this will be an even stronger product than Prezi Classic.


There back button the top left corner, gets you back faster, but it still might take a while when you have many sub(sub(sub(subtopics))).

Copy paste works for me, but only with Ctrl+v, Ctrl+p.

I also miss the rotation and the zoom function is indeed frustrating.


Ah, rotation is possible after all.


Thank you for the detailed feedback, @Sarah_Batchelor, and also for the suggestions, @Lian_Beijers

As for zooming on particular parts of a presentation, I’d recommend you to use the Zoom to area feature.


Thanks, the rotation link is helpful.

The zoom to area feature is not helpful when editing as I am trying to do. Is there a way to zoom to a feature during editing?

I’ve returning this morning to continue editing, but I don’t seem to be able to access any of my topics or subtopics to make any edits at all which is extremely frustrating. The images of the topics themselves are not loading in the left-hand overview menu, and clicking on one of these topics does not then take me to this to edit.


Ah- I see now that the zoom to the area has been improved, and you have to zoom in to then edit.

An improvement, but it would also be helpful to be able to select the area from the left-hand menu to go straight in and edit.


Please make sure no firewall settings block you from smooth editing, in this topic I listed our recommendations.

Please let me know how it goes.


It does seem to be working now. It must have been a glitch first thing this morning. Many thanks.


You’re very welcome.