Super slow



Very disappointed with Next. Super slow in Desktop (Dell Latitude E7440 which is not a slow computer!). Also disappointed that you haven’t solved the Hebrew language issue yet. I guess I’ll go back to Classic.


@Aviad_Stollman Can you tell me the system specs of your computer? Also, could you check if the following pop-ups are allowed in your browser as well as on your computer?


Actually the Next desktop app should run much smoother than the Classic app. Prezi Next is based on the latest HTML5 technology and we recommend our users who started using Prezi earlier to start experimenting with Next as it is built on a more reliable and permanent technology. Please let us figure out how to run the application smooth on your end because with the right device and settings you should definitely not encounter these issues.


Thanks. My laptop is pretty strong, see here:

[image: image.png]

I am not sure how to check my firewall.


Have the same issue with Next app. Classic app still runs great, so it has to be the Next app and now our computers. Not sure what Prezi did to Next to make it jerky and slow. . . . hope they figure it out and SOON!


@Aviad_Stollman, the system requirements you have provided should be sufficient.

Based on that, I have forwarded your feedback about the slowness of the desktop application to the responsible team. I apologize for the inconvenience in connection to this.


Had original experiences severe choppiness and slowness with NEXT, and was forced to go back to Power Point 2016, and try NEXT again later.
I just downloaded the newest desktop version, 1.6.6. Performance hasn’t changed for the better in the least, and now, SYNC fails on every Prezi.
I have high speed network connection (80mbs), and a new Alienware Aurora R6, so I am quite sure there is nothing wrong with my internet speed or hardware.

Oh well, I will try again in a couple of months. But, if there is no improvement soon, I will be cancelling my account.


I have the same issue here.
Prezi Next is so slow!! While Prezi Classic is fast.
Last week I had an embarrassing situation due to slowness of Prezi Next while I was presenting.


@Robert_Malone have you also checked the firewall settings previously mentioned in this thread?
Syncing issues can usually be avoided if the following pop-ups are all allowed in your browser and computer:


Let me know if you still get the same error messages after the necessary settings.


@Rodrigo_Ruegg Could you give me the view link of the presentation that you are having difficulties with in addition to the system specs of your computer so I can examine this particular case? Thanks in advance.


I agree that at some point in the last couple weeks maybe the Next desktop app started to get super laggy. I just upgraded my computer to a high-end performance laptop thinking it was my older machine and it’s better but still super frustrating. Notice it especially when trying to select groups of content- the shift and drag option and the ctrl and click are both happening super slow on desktop. You select one item and it takes several seconds before you can select the next. Just checked and also noticeable in the online version. Here is an example of one of the Prezis I am working on, trying to pull selected content out to start a new, shorter format of this existing one - in very draft form.

Please address ASAP!


Agreed on recent slow down, but I think mine has been within this week only, not sure if that matters or not. @Vanda this is similar to what I have been experiencing too, I believe?


@Rachel_Benbrook also, LOVE this presentation and your great combined use of topics & zoom areas, it has a really nice flow! I need to work on my technique to get a better mix, this has been inspirational to view, thanks for including the link. (I’d love your feedback on another thread & whether or not you’d find tracking zoom areas useful- I’ll invite you to it next.)


Thanks for the compliment, but most of the design credit needs to go to Kevin at Ideas in Motion (, he’s the pro we hired to help with my preliminary designs. I am responsible for content development and working further with his designs, agree he has done a great job! He helped with all the dicamba presentations on this website if you want to see some other recent work, tho this Dicamba Watch is the most advanced. Here’s the URL:

Will check out your link if I have the chance.


I would have to agree with the slowdown. We cannot afford this kind of slowdown when training. . . I like the flow, but do you have to do this by using one topic for many transitions so that you cannot really see or move your topics or subtopics easily as you can in Classic. That is our problem. We can almost create what we want, but our two major problems is 1) being forced to go to the Overview after each topic (our customers HATE this along with our trainers) and 2) there is no path tool like in Classic so if you need to or want to quickly move a section in your one topic or subtopic that you have imitated “path tools” you really cannot. It is a MAJOR time-consuming effort.


@Rachel_Benbrook could you please share some specifics of the machine you work on? That would help our development team to investigate further!


It’s literally brand new and a very fast machine.


Also finding Prezi Next desktop lags out when trying to rotate objects. So the main problems so far are grouping/selecting/moving multiple objects and rotating objects. Causes the program to lag out and get very slow.


Why the template takes too long to loading? It does not have the ‘‘use the template’’ icon. It keeps loading for a few hours. Damn ! If these problem continues i might delete my account. It does not helping my work but make it worse than before. I’ve used Next before but then when i want to use a new template, it happens like these. Why???


Any progress on addressing this issue? I am working almost exclusively on Prezis these days and it is very frustrating that this program is not operating efficiently. Need to be able to work productively!


I’m having a similar problem, and agree it has escalated over the past week or so. I’m also experiencing an issue with the program crashing my browser entirely. Is there a reduced-bandwidth option for edit mode? I am also working almost exclusively on Prezis, so this is a very frustrating problem.