Super slow



I updated to 1.6.14 and the difference is night and day! Typing has become considerably smoother.


Thank you for the update, @Noah_Faust. Glad to hear it!


Dear all,

at the end of last year, we released multiple updates both in the online and offline editor, which should result in faster loading while editing and presenting. We hope you will have a smoother experience!

In case you face any difficulties, just let us know.


Prezi Next tends to freeze my entire computer (desktop Dell) for several minutes, and when it does finally unfreeze Prezi Next runs so slowly as to be useless. I’ve never been able to really even get it to work and had to revert to Prezi Classic.


@Michelle_Ellermeier, I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. If you are using Chrome, could you please check this reply by @Vanda?


I am suffering the same issue here. The “Next” is very slow big time! Can I go back to the original Prezi?
Below are my specs:


Hello, @Abdelrahman_Zaroug. Sorry you have encountered the issue. Could you please also know which browser you are using? Also, please know that for the best performance we suggest using the latest version of Google Chrome.


It is really impossible to use prezi next. I have been using prezi for the last years, but with NEXT version its really frustrating… Any way to fix that?


@Alexandre_Dallalana could you please share some details about the difficulties you encounter?


When working on a new presentation, the system is very slow, every action os very slow. When using Prezi classic, the performance is very different.


@Alexandre_Dallalana could you please also share your system specifics as the others did above?