Super slow

I’m also having this issue. I used Prezi a few months ago and it didn’t happen at the time, but now the transitions are really choppy, and editing the presentation is like at 5FPS. I have a gaming computer and it can handle anything, but for some reason Prezi is having issues? Any help?

Hello @Floatinum, did you follow the recommendations I shared in this reply? Could you see any improvements afterwards?

Hope to hear from you soon!

For years Prezi Next desktop runs extremely hot compared to many other applications I run on Windows 10. Both the CPU and memory consumption is high. When running in the background, not being used, it still consumes an enormous amount of CPU and memory. As a result, I never leave it running because it’s a complete battery and performance killer. Forget trying to edit presentations on a plane. It does not matter what presentation I’m editing or viewing. All presentations cause my laptop to run hot. The laptop is a MSI, 4 core i7, 32GB memory, 2T drive, with an NVidia graphics card - more than enough for a graphical editor. It happened on previous laptops as well. Once I exit Prezi Desktop my CPU fan cools down and performance returns to normal.

Can Prezi please fix these performance problems rather than adding new products like Prezi Video?


Hey @JJ_JJ I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread, can you check Catarina’s reply above?

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Same problem.
Very slow and laggy desktop app with high DRAM and CPU levels on an ASUS ux330ua Windows 10 Pro 2004 version.
This thread has now been opened for 3 years, have you found the issue ?

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Hey @Harold_Landras did you try lowering the resolution to Full HD in the app? Let us know if it helps!

In the app ?

Hello @Harold_Landras, in your computer settings, we’re sorry!

Let us know if this could improve the performance, please.