Support for SVG Vector images

Would be great if Prezi supported SVG vector images.

There are several reasons SVG is nicer than PDF/SWF vector images:

  1. SVG is an open standard
  2. There are many free clipart galleries with SVG images
  3. Creating SVGs is easy with free tools like Inkscape
  4. Exporting an SVG as PDF (e.g. from Inkscape) will leave a white non-transparent background upon Prezi-import, and edgy, linearly interpolated curves
  5. Converting SVG to SWF even with commercial tools (Illustrator with maximum curve quality setting) will distort curves in a sometimes visually disturbing way (especially at a greater zoom level)

thank you.

thank you.

Maybe this Library is anything good:

It’s really necessary because the ONE Japanese font is horribly ugly. Pasting in jpg is edgy, unscalable, and untransparent. SVG is the answer.

I see this request has been ignored for some 2+ years, sadly.

As a workaround, you can do several things:

  1. You can use your own font in SWF format:… or maybe you find an existing japanese one, i.e. here:

  2. convert the drawing to PDF which supports vector images - but this will be unsatisfying as due to the non-removeable background

  3. convert your drawings to SWF: you could use an open source tool like this one if you do not own adobe flash:
    (note that you probably have to convert text to paths before)

Hope that helps,

P.S.: I still want to see SVG in Prezi :wink:

put SVG in Prezi!! i second that

Can’t believe SVG isn’t supported already?

Is there a timeline to add support for this?

Just hoping to refresh this discussion - is SVG supported yet?

Hello Bridget Gilchrist,

unfortunately not, you will still have to use a swf (converted from svg) or a pdf with the svg in it somehow to get vector images using the current Prezi editor. Sorry for the inconvienience.



Ok, thanks anyway!

you’re welcome


would like svg support too

Hello Miguel Amaral,

thanks for your input - svg import is still not a feature so as mentioned above you will need to convert your svg files to swf in order to import in to Prezi



Are there plans to implement SVG within Prezi or should we just stop asking?

I’ve been using high-resolution transparent PNGs. It’s not perfect, it’s still quite possible to zoom into the pixels, but I can layer them and upload any sort of graphic this way. Japanese text could be added if you make the whole object (text box, shape, paragraph, w/e) in a different program and save it at 300pi. resolution. Warning: this makes for very large prezi files. 

Is there any difficult to implement SGV import or  this is just part of prezi strategy?

No SVG’s in Prezi yet??? This was brought to your attention 4 years ago!