''Survey'' Type Prezi

I think it would be lit if Prezi had a Survey Type Prezi, would the developer team consider such a thing?

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Hello @Ahmet_Emin_Avci1, can you please elaborate on your question? I’ll be happy to forward your request to our developers.

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Dear Mrs. Sara

I gave up my decision. I suppose Prezi doesn’t really have to take time for these things. Please don’t get me wrong. I would never mean to be disgraceful to anyone in this community. As you have always shown more attention than we deserve, for once again I really appreciate your caring.

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Hi there, and sorry to interrupt but somehow I couldn’t send this message as a new subject!

A research project in the field of theater education would begin.
My plan to collect information from the research area with the help of a Prezi.
I would like to replace the traditional questionnaire with a more dynamic and interest-seeking interface, which could later be integrated into the research material.
I read that I could also generate data and statistics with Prezi, but I would like to ask you for help getting started.

  • Can I use Prezi to create a comprehensive non-traditional “questionnaire” to be filled in by the contacted partner with his / her own data and returned to me?
  • How much storage require for this type of data communication? the amount of data received from approximately 100 partners requested, it would means 100 Prezis
  • Is it possible to make further statistics / assessments from the data received?
  • Can I convert a non-electronic, printed study from the returned / completed Prezis (saving data, statistics) to a printed publication?

thanks in advance for any advice,

all the best,


Hello @attila_kun, Prezi is an online presentation software mainly used for building zoomable conversational presentations, and it is not possible to integrate surveys into it, or analyze data with it unfortunately. The only workaround for adding a questionnaire or survey would be to insert its link into a text box, however within Prezi we do not offer a feature like this at the moment. I apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.

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