SWF export for digital signage + better typographic control

As far as i noticed I can’t see that it’s possible to export prezis as a SWF. Why do I need it? Because it’s then possible for me to control my interactive experience 100% on my signage kiosk. It must be quite easy to implement?.. or call Adobe to ask… I really need it.
Also i like to ask about better typographic control, since this is lacking at the moment… I say this because i really see possibillities in using prezi…

Can I get a feedback from developers if you look into this at the moment or will in near future?
Thanks :slight_smile:

@Mark_Hildebrandt_Fut SWF export is not currently on the roadmap but we believe that the most interactive experience you can get is the so called portable presentation format in which you either zoom into the topics freely or set it to play automatically on a screen. Wouldn’t that be a suitable solution for you?

As for the typographic control, could you tell me what exactly you had in mind? Thanks in advance.

Hi Agnes
Typographic control. Look to InDesign/After Effects. Best way to describe it. Now it’s very simple solution and not acceptable in a professional way.
SWF. As I describe it’s for the digital signage purpose, som thats an request.
One last thing is the possibillity to control and adjust the graphs + the typographic text for these. Almost totally locked… not acceptable too.
Best wishes

@Mark_Hildebrandt_Fut Thanks for the feedback, I am forwarding your request to the responsible team.