Switch between 'camera mode' and 'background'?

Is it possible to select certain slides to show the webcam feed, and others to be just regular slides? I’d like to be visible in the beginning, when presenting the topic, and then switch to a regular slideshow afterwards.

Hello @kaare_mikkelsen, that’s perfectly possible, when you’re recording your video you’re able to select to show only the slides or you + slides. Please check this video to know how to do so :slight_smile:

ok, so there’s no way to make it happen exactly on a slide change?

You are able to click on the arrows and on the views simultaneously, so this change can also happen during a transition.

dear catarina, thank you :slight_smile:


Is there a way, where I can have different background in each slide of Prezi Video?

Hello @Braja_Mohan_Das, if you create a Prezi Next presentation, you are able to reuse that as a video, and you’ll be able to insert different images as the background: instead of choosing the option of inserting it as background, simply insert them like images in each topic. When you’re inside the editor, click on the button “Create Video”. After, you’ll be able to use that presentation with Prezi Video. You can check this example on how it looks like.

Hope this could help!

Hi Catarina,

Hope this email finds you well.

Thanks for replying promptly. I would like to have an image which is like a background that disappears when I am using it as a Prezi Video so that my face is visible & when I am using it as a Prezi Next, each slide seems unique due to the image that is kind of in the background.

Another thing I am struggling with is I would like more screen space to be used by the Prezi slides in the Prezi video. See this I saw of Russell, the Prezenter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwrtlBFOLHE

Hello @Braja_Mohan_Das, when you use the “Advance create” option, as you can check in this article, you reuse a Prezi Next presentation in Prezi Video, so it will be automatically turned into a video and you will be displayed on the side, along with your content :slight_smile:

When using this feature, you can choose to adjust your content to the right, but you can also put the content where you wish, so you have more control over the space used, as you can see in this example.

Hope this could help!