Switch camera in Prezi Video

I am a teacher trying to record myself and my slide show using Prezi video.
Unfortunately there is no option within prezi to select a web camera when the device has two options. So I can only video record the roof instead of the usual select camera or spin camera option that allows students to see me.
Can you please allow for this I next enhancement? I am using an Acer soon chromebook as are all of the staff at my school.
Many thanks

Hi @Marnie_Power, could you please let me know exactly what is the model of your current Acer PC?
Could you also let me know if you are using the Desktop Application or the browser version of Prezi Video?

Hi Bart,
It’s a Chromebook Spin 11 R752TN and I am using the browser version of Prezi as our school chromebooks do not allow me to download applications.
Appreciate your help

Hi @Marnie_Power, you should be able to change the camera being used in your Chrome settings.
I would recommend you to check out this article.

Thanks Bart, this scenario doesn’t work on managed chrome-books as per those used in schools. I can only use videos like google Meet or camera where there is an in browser option provided to ‘switch camera’. Assume Prezi doesn’t have that?

Hi @Marnie_Power, if you are using Prezi through the Google Chrome browser then it is the browser itself that handles which camera is in use for Prezi. The article I have sent to you should explain how you can manage camera permissions in your browser along with the camera selection.

Once you start a Prezi Video, could you please click on the little camera icon in your browser’s address bar (next to the little start on the right) and see if you can switch the camera there?

Hi Bart,
I have clicked on the camera in the address bar and got this pop up.
It does not allow me to click on the camera drop box to select a different one.

If I click ‘Manage’ there is still no option to change the camera default (which faces the roof).

I think it’s because they are all managed chromebooks using the GAFE (Google Education system).

Appreciate your help,

PS: Tried to attach screenshot but unable to as a new user.

Hey, @Marnie_Power, even using this article, you were not able to change the camera?

How many cameras do you have in your laptop? One internal and one external camera?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Gus,
Yes I tried the article options.
I have two internal cameras as described in this article:

Appreciate your help

Hey @Marnie_Power, can you check this video, and let me know if it helped.

Thank you Gus, that works now.
Please close my case.
Appreciate your help

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