Switch from one template to another

I’m currently creating a prezi using the Mind Mapping template. There is a point in it where I want to switch to a world map background and move to numerous locations on the map from there. Can I switch the template at that point to one that had a world map? Alternatively, can I have a hyperlink from that point to another presentation that uses a world map? Is there a way to copy the background image from the world map prezi and paste it in the mind mapping prezi? I can picture several ways to do what I want but I don’t see any functionality that lets me do it. Thanks

Hi, @Tom_Stankiewicz.

Even though it is not possible to switch between templates themselves, there are several solutions.

Yes, you can simply link another presentation (like any other URL). Here is a post with a workaround for adding hyperlinks without exposing them.

You can copy the background of one template by taking a screenshot of it and then adding it to the presentation. If you are rather interested in having the switch in the middle, you can rather add it to a topic or a subtopic, depending on your presentations’ structure.

Also, could you please send us a link to the presentation and the number of topic/subtopic where you would like the change to happen? That can help us suggest a solution that fits the best for your presentation.