Switch off transition animations

Hi, is it possible to turn off / Switch off die transition animations from slide to slide.
In an online presentation the animations are not that fluent for the viewer as for the presentator. You know?
Glad to hear from you

Hi @Dennis_Guttler, could you specify which animations do you mean exactly? The ones between pages, or the ones between subtopics?
Could you tell me how are you presenting your project exactly? The lag of the animation for the viewers could be because of a 3rd party application or streaming service and we might be able to find a workaround for this issue. :slight_smile:

It’s the animation when going from page to page as well as subtopic to subtopic. so the general transition.
Just asking if it’s possible to do a “Hard Cut” between the pages instead of the “Zoom-In” Effect
Yeah iam using a 3rd party app iam obligated to use. so there is no work arround about this :wink:

Hi @Dennis_Guttler, currently it is not possible to have a “Hard Cut” between pages or topics.
Could you tell me which is the 3rd party software that you are using? If it is a videoconferencing tool, then Prezi Video might be a good alternative to Livestream your presentation.

Other than that, you can use the Prezi Live feature where you send a link of your presentation to the audience who opens it on their own computer, but it is still you who controls the flow of the presentation. This means that the visuals are processed on the audience’s computer and it is not interfered by the 3rd party applications bandwidth.

Could be a good option. I’ll try it out thatway. Thanks

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