Switching between edit and present modes without going full screen?


I’m using the Prezi Next application on a Mac. While working on a prezi, I want to switch between edit and present modes. I don’t want switching from edit mode to present mode to automatically enlarge the prezi to use the full screen on my computer. My reason is that I’m trying to coordinate the prezi, while it is in the process of being edited, with a Word document into which I am placing cues (for later use) to advance to the next slide. To advance to that next slide is easy while in present mode, but to make editing changes on the fly, I need to switch to edit mode. Then I want to return to present mode without having the presentation go full screen, since I still want to be able to see my Word document while I’m in present mode. Can anyone tell me how I can do this? Thanks in advance.


Hi, @Eric_Stewart. Maybe using presenter view could be a solution?

As you can see below, it reacts to any changes made within the presentation.


Thanks, Lana. That’s exactly what I needed!


Glad to hear I could help!