Switching from Prezi Next to Prezi Classic dashboard

How do you find old Prezi from 2017? prior to change in platform? I would like to use it again.

Hello @Richard_Sanchez, as you currently have a Prezi Classic and Next license, you can switch between the two platforms in the top left corner of your account. I hope this helps. Let us know if you need further assistance.

Hi - is it possible to move an existing prezi we made from our next account to our classic account? as our client needs an offline version to present?
hope you can help

Hello @EBD, it is not possible to transfer presentations from one dashboard to the other. Prezi Next is the latest generation of our presentation platform, built on HTML5 technology, while Prezi Classic is the previous version of Prezi, that runs on the Adobe Flash platform. However, you can download Prezi Next presentations and use them offline, just like in Prezi Classic. Please consult this tutorial.

ok thanks for letting me know - quick question though - i have downloaded the exe version of one of our prezis. If I send that on to the client will they be able to open and use offline without logging in ? Or will the exe file then prompt them to instal the app and login accordingly? obviously don’t want to give the client access to our entire lot of prezi - just the one?
hope you can help

Hello @EBD, yes, the downloaded presentation is a standalone .exe or .zip file which can be opened separately, without a Prezi account. There is no need for the client to have access to Prezi.

thanks for replying so quickly! - perfect

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I can’t manage to access Prezi Next… When I go to “My presentations” I can only work with Prezi Classic. What can I do to use Prezi Next ?

Hello @Anne-Claude_Caro, looks like you are a member of a Prezi Classic team, and because of this you only have access to Classic. In case you’d like to use Prezi Next I would suggest creating a free Basic account here: https://prezi.com/signup/basic/
Please let me know if you need further assistance, I’d be happy to help.