Sync issues - only yesterday's version showing in presentation list

I haven’t used Prezi since 2016, so lots to learn with all the changes since then.

I just started a presentation last night, and all was fine. This morning, when I went to continue editing, I repeatedly get the message that “I’m offline, and my prezi will sync when I go back online”. I left the browser running last night, just locked my windows account.

I’ve read other posts regarding turning off ad blockers (don’t have one) and allowing prezi in firewall (can’t make changes to the firewall, and prezi was updating just fine last night).

Currently, I’m logged into my account. The image icon shows I’m still offline. From the prezi home page, I can see the last saved version from last night. How can I sync the changes I’ve made today with the server version? I’m hesitant to close the tab/browser, as I’m afraid I’ll lose all the changes.

If you do not have an ad blocker, then it is worth it to look into the firewall settings as it is the main reason for such issues (in case the internet connection is stable).

We could help you with that if you would let us know what browser you are using.

Using Chrome. The firewall settings cannot be changed, nor can I access them, as they are set world-wide for my organization. Nor do the settings need to be changed…updates were working fine last night, so it isn’t a firewall issue.

As a work-around, I opened yesterday’s version, and copied the changes from my non-synced version. Now that the online version has the updates, I’m making sure to save frequently (again, if there was a firewall problem, I wouldn’t be able to sync even now).

I’m debating whether or not to renew my Prezi license…the new platform doesn’t seem very robust.

We’re glad to hear you found a sufficient workaround, but we’re sorry if you had a bad experience with using Prezi. Sometimes updates of browsers or extensions can cause difficulties like this, that’s why we always suggest making sure nothing in the browser blocks Prezi.

In case you’ll face any difficulties, don’t hesitate to let us know.

My company has a question with this. Why are there so many needed workarounds with Next? It is VERY glitchy and it seems that every time we need to do something that should be basic, we have to use a work around. We feel like Next is a Beta version of what is coming.

hi ! I had the same problem.
I’ve been beginning in Chrome and everything was ok. But one morning i started to have same message as yours.
I’ve been changing my browser and have been working with Mozilla and now it’s ok with Mozilla…

@thoma_zwilling, sorry you encountered the issue but I am happy to hear there was a workaround. Could you please let us know on what machine and with what browser version that occurred?

Hi I’ve been having issues too, been working on a presentation all day with it stuck in “offline” mode, and when I refreshed the page it had deleted everything I had worked on today, is there a temporary local file where this information has been saved? I can’t seem to access anything and if there’s ANYWHERE my data has been saved it would be very appreciated.

@Zara_Barger Please make sure to check the necessary firewall settings and provide me with the title of the presentation in question so I can take a look if any changes were saved. Thanks in advance.