Teacher accounts with student sub-accounts

It would be great if teachers could create an account and then assign students accounts under his/her name. This way each student does not have to have their “own” account. The teacher would also need access to each student’s account to make suggestions, make sure the student is staying on task and completing the assignment, and for grading purposes.

Yes, we are aware of this request and hope to be able to implement it soon. But I can’t disclose more details about the when, sorry.

Any word on this yet?? Surely after 2 years, there is progress made here. I’m looking for some good news here

Many of us teachers are wondering the same thing.

I used to be able to have my students use the ‘free’ services offered by Prezi, but now that’s no longer an option.  I have an EDU account for myself, but I can see how to add students to my account.  I would really like for my students to begin using your product, but need more help than I have been able to find here.

I am also having trouble with students accounts and prezi. I have had students register using their school e-mail but never receive the confirmation e-mail. 
The school webaddress is www.delsearegional.us students are usingName@students.delsearegional.us as their e-mail. I am at a loss on how to remedy. Is it possible to send the confirmation e-mails to my e-mail? Please help!

I am also hoping that Prezi will soon allow student subaccounts, controlled by a teacher who has an EDU account. In a district in which young students do not have their own email accounts (and older students don’t have school email accounts either), I really need this feature. While I have an EDU account, I don’t see how I can add student subaccounts to it. I understand you can do this with the free version of the regular Prezi, but that doesn’t have the safety features that the EDU account has and that are necessary in a conservative school district, like keeping the Prezis on “private.”