Team access

Hello… I’m wondering… I am working with 4 other team members and not all of them can afford the $50/user/mo. Is it possible that only one of us holds an upgraded membership while the others use the basic and we can collaborate on it on the side? It’s been years since I’ve been on Prezi and would like to use it again.

Hello @Kaonohi_Borden, yes, in case you have a paid license and would like to add your team members as collaborators to your presentations, it is enough for them to have a free Basic license. With a Basic plan they will not be able to access some features in Prezi, but can still collaborate on presentations with you. I hope this helps.

What license I have to buy if I need for a computer lab of 33 computers?

Hello @Erika_Portuguez, you can choose from several options depending on the features you’ll need and the number of people who will be creating presentations. You can either purchase single user licenses or a team license. To learn more about Prezi Business (team licenses) please visit this page. You can find the prices and features single lincenses -including EDU- offer here. Please open this link in an incognito window in case you’re currently logged into a Prezi account. Alternatively, in case only one or only a couple of people would be creating presentations, the rest of the team can also obtain free accounts and they can be added as collaborators to the presentations.