Template for Students


I am trying to create a template in Prezi Next that all my students can copy. Is that possible? The template that I created and would like to use is here:[[https://prezi.com/view/DKYELOGALLf00qRoWUSI/](http://My template)](http://My Template)

Would I have to add each of my 95 students as a collaborator?

Can’t see how to get there from here. I keep trying, but Prezi does not seem usable for my purpose.


@Laurita_Moore I’m afraid the only way to share this template (or presentation) with your students would be to add all of them as collaborators.

Then they would have to make their own copy of it on their dashboards and start editing that version, otherwise everyone would modify your original copy.


Thanks, Agnes. We’ll just use the blank template with 16 planetary subtopics. That should work.