Template search bar



Everyone hates scrolling down through all of the things so we should just add tags or titles to templates.


Thanks for the idea, @Adeshbir_Benipal, this would indeed be a very useful feature. We’ll pass it on to the responsible team!


This is a great idea! I am tired of “losing” templates that have been there but since they get switched around EVERY time you open a new project. It is hard to keep track of them and even sometimes not all the template show up on the app.


For example, I just opened up a new project in the Mac app and instead of the 100+ templates, I only have 20. This inconsistency is very irritating. It is bad enough not finding a template that will work, but then when you do find one and want to use it again, it is no longer in there. The Simple Modern is GONE! This is one that I can use and it is not there any longer. What is happening?


We’re currently working on our template chooser, the template you’re looking for has been renamed to Blank Modern. I still see more than 100 templates in my application, please let us know if you still have templates missing.


Agree that ability to search templates would be very useful! I just found a suggestion of templates that could work for building a workflow (Tech Company Intro, Line Chart, Timeline, Business Planning, Mind Map), but it takes a lot of scrolling and I haven’t been able to find them all. I don’t even know which section they might be found under.

Thanks for considering building a search for this!


We do understand how this option could be helpful. It has been passed on to the product team.

Please know that in the meantime you can use Control + F (Command + F) and search for templates by their name. I hope this is a useful workaround.