Text in PDF file appears as transparent rectangles



I’ve just tried. Inserting PDF files doesn’t work. As the missing font problem still persists, the Chinese text in the PDF pages could not be displayed. If there are pages with merely text in the PDF files, then these pages even appear as transparent rectangles, which are very difficult to locate and clean up.
If everything has to be imported as an image, it just beats any purpose of using this software.

Chinese support

To check what is the issue could you please send us your Prezi url?


I’ve tried it again and it sort of work. It seems random, sometimes the inserted PDFs are textless, sometimes they show. The catch is, if you close the presentation and reopen it again, the text may show (there are some PDFs I downloaded from the web that don’t show any text no matter what, but if I save a Word file as PDF myself it seems random at first, but the text will usually show after I reopen the presentation.

At first I thought it’s related to whether the PDF has embedded font or not, but it didn’t seem to be the case. Sometimes the Chrome Tab will just crash, maybe due to lack of memory? It’s annoying though as there is only one blank page.

The following is a random example:
It contains two pages of PDF. The one on the left is from a page of a downloaded PDF and its text never shows to me. The one on the right is one I saved with Words and seems to work.


We really appreciate your effort to try to figure this out. Could you please send us (via WeTransfer) the two PDF files inserted in the Prezi so we can analyse what is the issue?


Files sent.


Could you please provide us with the link to download the file?


Is this the link? I have never used WeTransfer before.

https://we.tl/CTHNHDtsv9 https://we.tl/CTHNHDtsv9


@Gilbert_Cheung Thanks for the files, I tested them and was able to add both to my presentations, although it took quite a long time for one of the pdfs due to the large size.

Please check if the file name has any special characters in it because sometimes that is the problem. In addition, try to add the file with the drag and drop method.

Also, please check that there are no firewall settings blocking you from uploading the file.
Make sure that pop-ups are allowed in your browser privacy add-on or firewall software for:

Let us know if this does the trick.


Dear sir,

As mentioned before, both files can be imported into presentations. The problem is, whether the text in the PDFs show at all.

Chinese text in the larger PDF never showed in my tests, no matter it’s imported via INSERTing from the pull down menu or drag and dropped onto the presentation.

For example, in this presentation


, the page on the left is the first page of the PDF file, in which none of the Chinese text shows up. If you view the PDF, its first page is actually full of text.

There doesn’t seem to be any special characters in the file name as it contains only ASCII characters (English letters, hyphen and space).

I doubt firewall settings matter here, as the files do get imported, just that the text couldn’t be seen.

Thank you!



@Gilbert_Cheung I understand the issue, the problem probably lies in the conversion of the file. Can you tell me which browser are you using? Probably if you tried a different one it would work properly.

Also, I’m more than happy to upload the file to your presentation if you let me know where you would like to have it.



I’m using Chrome, and since it auto-updates itself it should be whichever version that’s the most recent at any time.

Pretty much the only other modern browser that I have is the pre-installed Edge(which I didn’t even bother trying), and Prezi Next just reported this browser is not supported for editing.

Since I’m not making a proper presentation ATM and the pdf are just random files I used for testing it doesn’t really matter where the file is uploaded.

Thank you!



@Gilbert_Cheung We also encountered the same issue when trying to upload the file from your account and notified our developers. We are waiting from an update from them concerning the pdf conversion and will let you now as soon as we have any further information. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


@Gilbert_Cheung I am really sorry for the late reply. It turns out that the third-party pdf renderer in the editor cannot process this pdf file properly as it is multi-layered and the only workaround would be to convert the pdf to png/jpg and add those to the presentation. Once again I apologise for not being able to provide a faster and more efficient solution for the issue.


We are also have nothing but problems with PDF’s. In classic our pdf’s are nice and crisp when zooming in. In Next, the zoom is very slow and the pdf is pixeled even though it is the exact SAME file. If Next cannot use PDF’s like Classic does. it is one more HUGE strike against Next and one more reason to go to different software solution. PLEASE help this designer out! Sill holding off my boss, but it is only a matter of time before he pulls the plug on Prezi altogether. This is a very frustrating situation with all the money our company has invested in YOUR company and now we cannot even use your stuff! Is ANYONE not only listening but also making changes for your loyal customers???


I am having the same issues with adding PDF’s. I’m so frustrated I could scream. Some are showing up, but 90% are in transparent boxes. The ones that did show up were blurry and unreadable. I’m about 70% complete this presentation, but I"m going to go back & start over with the Classic version.


@Craftsman_Collision, we’d be happy to look into it. Could you please send us a link to the presentation and the PDFs, via WeTransfer link?


I’m also having a lot of issues with Prezi Next rendering PDFs. We work with a lot of newspaper PDFs and we love Prezi Classic’s ability of zooming into a paragraph and rendering it in high-quality fonts. Of course, a PNG is of no use to us.
Now, this thread has been going on for quite a while, and Prezi Next is still dissapointing its users. Are you trying to fix it and stop blaming the users?


Thank you for posting. We have been waiting for this feature to be solved for MONTHS now. We have gone back to Classic and no longer promote Prezi since our customers will not be able to get the same quality of presentation with Next as we do with Classic. Very sad. :frowning:


@Luis_Alvarez, it’s possible that the PDFs that are getting blurry aren’t vector-based, which can result in blurriness. Also, please know that any image larger than 1800x pixels in width will be automatically resized, which can result in a loss of resolution/quality.

Poor image quality in exported PDF

All of our PDFs are Vector based and we used the specified pixels that are stated in the support article. Still our PDFs are blurry in Next where they are crisp and crystal clear in Classic. This is telling us that it is Next’s problem.