The 2017 PREZI Winners. NEXT is simply not as amazing as CLASSIC

Congratulations to those selected as the 2017 Prezi Winners.

I am usually really excited to see what each year’s winners produce. I used to look at EVERY single winner’s Prezi in each category to get ideas about that I could add to my own Prezis - this year I didn’t. I looked at two categories and stopped.

Prezis made with NEXT simply are not as exciting, compelling or innovative as what people could do with Classic.

2017 was a year of transition for me, I started producing content with NEXT and giving presentations with it. Not once would people say "wow how did you do that? " a reaction I still get with 4 year old Classic Prezis.

Am I upset that I still can’t import a Classic into Next - YES

Why do I have to go back to the main topic view when finishing a sub-topic? Stop zooming out to the 'overview' page? - #9 by Vanda

NEXT is a great product if you have not worked with CLASSIC. I appreciate the online tracking of when Prezis have been viewed, being able to share Prezis to specific persons. All great features. But NEXT simply does not live up to the incredible product you created with CLASSIC.



Completely agree. NEXT feels like a crippled version of PP. Just finished a new presentation with PP; not as compelling as my previous CLASSIC presentations but more compelling than my recent NEXT projects.

@Andrew_Dasys we understand and hear this feedback from our customers. Please note that both of those ideas you cited are marked as under discussion which means that this is on the table of our product teams who are discovering if and in case yes, how these could be implemented.

In the meantime, there are some workarounds worth exploring in most of the feature request topics.

We also appreciate any kind of feedback and we believe that when done well, Prezi Next presentations can also create similar wow-effects as Prezi Classic presentations did.

I imagine it’s going to take some time to get to those “WOW” presentations in Next. Classic had been around for a while & people had gotten used to the tools; really became experts. Obviously I can’t say for sure, but I believe you’ll see similar going fwd in Next with enough time.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments.
If you have not worked with Prezi Classic then Next really is quite cool.
But it is not Classic.

I am interested in hearing when Prezi will deliver an import tool to move our tuned/cherished/maybe even loved Classic presentations to Next?

This a feature the Prezi community has request from the day Next launched. And we keep being told about work arounds and “it’s on the list of things we are considering”. Is there a timeline?

@Andrew_Dasys we cannot share any timelines, I’m afraid, because we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep, but we’ll post any updates on the respective forum topic once we have news from our product teams.

Completely agree that best examples of Prezi NEXT are nowhere near as impressive of past Prezi Classic winners - through no fault of the users.

Unfortunately,. Prezi Inc has created an inferior version of its product.

I feel sorry for the Prezi employees/moderators of this forum, They must also know NEXT is an inferior product and all they can say each time it’s pointed out by users is “we appreciate your feedback, we hear you, it’s been passed on to our developers, etc. etc…”
Doesn’t change the fact we’re all using a lame product now.

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I couldn’t agree more! Although Prezi Next has some features that I was waiting for in Prezi (Classic), it is far from the free and creative environment Prezi Classic is/was.
Topics are great as an option, not as a predefined structure! And where are all the nice features we where used to in Prezi Classic? Can we expect them in near future in Next as well??
As an experienced Prezi trainer I notice a disturbing reduction in interest in Prezi.
Prezi, please take these signals as a serious warning…

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