The GIFs I created are blurry when inserted into my Prezi

I created 3 gifs to use in a presentation, but when I put them in my prezi, they are blurry. Uploaded to google slides, they work fine, but I’d rather use Prezi because I can create a much slicker presentation. Any suggestions?

Hi @Trudy_Brown, could you please share the presentation link so I can check on the issue?

Is this happening in Present or Video?

Could you also detail a bit more about how you create these GIFs? What application do you use to create them and what are the attributes of the GIF files?

see pages 16-22

This is happening in Present where I’m working on the presentation. I created the GIFs in Canva. I took short screenshares, uploaded them to Canva, and then downloaded them as GIFs

Hi @Trudy_Brown, thanks for the link.

I have checked it and in the beginning, it is indeed blurry, but after 2-3 minutes of loading the GIFs became sharp and now I can see them properly.

Hope this helps!

They do clear up, but then they continue to fuzz in and out as I go through my presentation.

Hi @Trudy_Brown, could you please create a screen recording of the issue and share it here?

I’m unable to reproduce this issue on my end, unfortunately.

I fixed it. I compressed the GIFs and now they work fine. They were just too big to run smoothly without the slideshow being downloaded. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for sharing the solution here! :slight_smile: