The latest update takes away stacks

I use stacks a lot for graphs where I don’t want a caption for each one. I am really unhappy about this change.

Hello @Barbara_Hopkins, to add stacks to your presentation first you’ll have to open one of your topics, then click on the three dots next to the green Subtopic button. If you click on the … button you will see a sidebar on the right appear, where you can type stack in the search bar and select the option that appears just below the search bar. This will give you pages that you can add content to.

I went all the way through the long list and didn’t find stacks, having to do this as a search each time will take too much time. Also, stacks does not work. I needed to search for “stack”. Furthermore, correcting all the ones I did yesterday (which require completely re-doing every single page embedded in them) for the pages I did yesterday because the help info did not explain how to access stacks. Prezi cannot make changes like this and sabotage people’s work flow without loosing customers.

Same problem here!!!

Yesterday I work with Prezi Next like a charme because subtopics where just 2: planets and stack! Now you get too many subtopics…and where’s stack option? I became tired of this news changes without maintaining the same bases…