The link of embedded presentation no longer works


Hi There,
I just discovered that the link to my Thesis presentation does not work anymore.
I created a tinyurl (( at the time and it linked to this :
Which does not work anymore. I can’t change the tinyurl.
Now my question: Can I re-direct the Prezi link to the existing Prezi?
Or what could I do please?

Your help is much appreciated.


Do you still have access to the presentation itself? In that case, I’d suggest you to embed it again to the website. In case it’s a Prezi Classic presentation, follow these steps, in case you’d like to embed a Prezi Next presentation, this article can be helpful.

Please let me know if it helps!


Hi Vanda,

The link to my Thesis Prezi is on various places, including the Uni library, the research repository and also printed in various places.
So I do not have access to them.
Is there a way to re-link (the old link) to my existing Thesis prezi?
Your help is much appreciated.


Changing the URL of an already existing presentation is not possible, I’m afraid. The only way to update the embedded presentations is to change their embed code on the websites where they’re linked. I’m sorry if it causes you any trouble!