The page goes blank every time I insert a story block

Every time I want to insert a story block the whole web bugs, and my screen goes black and I can’t do nothing, so I have to close google and open it again and log in. It happens every time I want to insert a story block,so I can’t even use it anymore because the whole page gets bugged. I need help!!!

Hello @Amal_Baita, could you please send us the view link of the presentation so we can investigate it? :slight_smile:

I’m also facing this problem of black screen and the need to shutdown chrome.
lt started when the story blocks were assimilated in the insert of topic to the presentation, so when i’m trying to insert a topic, it happens.
Speaking of inserting a topic…where is the option to insert a stack type topic?
Thanks in advance for your reply!

Hello @gali_castro, could you please send us the view link of the presentation so we can investigate it? :slight_smile:

Happily, even though the problem is in all my prezi presentations…

Hello @gali_castro, I created a copy of the presentation so I could test it, and I was able to insert story blocks without any issues using the latest version of Google Chrome, as you can see in this video.

I would recommend you to clear the cache/cookies of your browser, and try to insert them again.

You can also check in this example how to insert Stacks :slight_smile:


I’ve followed your instructions but the problem is not solved…

The black screen appeared again…

Thank you,









Hello @gali_castro, could you please send us a screenshot with the issue so we can investigate it? And the system specifications of your computer?

Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:


I just started use Prezi and get the same issue working with particular types of story blocks. Wins & Losses are good but other like Timeline, List etc. lead to black screen and I have to refresh the page to proceed with the changes.

Is there a solution for the issue?

Hi @Yury_Ramashkevich, could you please try out these problematic storyblocks in a Google Chrome incognito window?

You can open an incognito window in Google Chrome by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N on a Windows PC or CMD + SHIFT + N on a Mac.

Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Hi @Bart ,

Unfortunately the same thing happens in incognito. As soon as I go to let’s say List story blocks the screen on the laptop becomes black for several seconds and then Prezi functionality doesn’t work until I refresh the site ((

Hi @Yury_Ramashkevich,

Could you send me a full screenshot of this issue? Is it only the Prezi window that turns black?
Could you tell me your exact system specifications?

Is this happening in all of your presentations?