The PDF images lose the transparent background in PREZI Next Desktop

Why when I download the work of “Prezi Next Desktop” the PDF images lose the transparent background?.. this seems to me very badly (Because time is wasted).

Sorry guys (It is not my intention to discredit the new Prezi) but I see many failures in this Prezi Next. Why Prezi don´t accept swf. files.? (swf. was a good file to integrate vectors into the presentation of Prezi Classic), why PDF only? Is not better EPS files? and PNG files lose quality with the zoom, vectors don´t lose quality.


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Thanks for reporting this issue, we’re currently investigating why it happens. Could you please share the pdf file so that we could run some tests with it?

I can confirm this issue. PDFs with transparent background work in Prezi desktop and exported PDFs, but a white background in WIN executables (Prezi

PDFs created with Inkscape:

Thank you for the detailed description and the files, Gerald. The responsible team has been notified and hopefully will find a solution in the near future.

As a supplement: even the Prezi desktop symbols (stored in <USER>\AppData\Local\PreziPitch\app-\editor\resources\symbols\graphics) forfeit their transparency if inserted as image file, whereas the same file dragged and dropped via the editor (here: icons & symbols for dark prezis) holds its transparency in WIN executables.

According to PDF file info the Prezi desktop symbols are made with Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 (Macintosh) in PDF version 1.3, so PDF version doesn’t matter, EVERY PDF image obviously loses its transparency.