The Prezi Video playback does not always play after a recording

Windows 11

After recording a video and pressing “Done Recording” the recorded video appears in the player. Sometimes the playback does not work!! I hit play and it does not play the video. I have to exit the app to reset it.

Hi @JJ_JJ, thanks for reporting this.

Have you tried to go forward to the saving/uploading window when this happens? How does the application behave there?

Could you also tell me the version of Prezi Video you have installed?

Yes, when I save the video I can play it in other players and everything is normal and nothing is lost. It’s just in the Prezi Video player, on occasion after the recording ends the player play button refuses to play. The workaround is to save the video and play it elsewhere and restart the Prezi Video app to clear the glitch.

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Thanks, @JJ_JJ for the details, I’m reporting this to our team.

Could you also tell me the exact version of Prezi Video installed and the build number of Windows 11?