The 'Save a Copy' functionality has disappeared from Prezi Classic - any advice how to make a copy into your account?

Hi, the ‘Save a Copy’ functionality/button seems to have been removed from Prezi Classic - pls can someone help advise how you can make a copy of a Presentation into your account? Thanks.

Dear Vanda,

I am supporting a group of faculty, staff and students here at the University of Chicago, and one of our project leads previously created Prezi presentations in Classic – upon upgrading to Prezi Next, he finds that he can no longer “save a copy” or “duplicate” his Classic presentations. How can we ensure his Next account is correctly set up for the Classic presentations he created so that he will be recognized as Owner for those? (They took many months to create, so we need to make sure he can have full access and ownership of all his previous work as well as the new presentations he creates in Next.)

Please reply at your earliest convenience.

Many thanks,
Dr. Jeffrey Tharsen
The University of Chicago

cc: Prof. William Mitchell
wjtm [at] uchicago [dot] edu

Why did you take this feature away? It’s very frustrating. Can I un-sign up for Prezi Next?

Hi Catarina,
Thanks so much for replying. I did upgrade to Prezi Next, so why can’t I copy prezis?

I appreciate your help.

:slight_smile: Dory Parsons

I’m trying to create a copy of and modify the following prezi:

I’ve spent a little over an hour trying to see if I could find a way to do so, but with no luck and have to move on and create my own (yay, double time!) for my lesson plans for Monday to be complete.

Please advise if there is a solution.

Thank you,

Ian Maier

This seems to be a major flaw or downfall in the prezi product. Many teachers, including myself, used this as a sharing community platform where prezis were copied, edited, and shared among students. Prezi next doesn’t have the same amount of available prezis. Without the copy feature, I have discontinued my payment for prezi. I hope the company will reconsider this bad feature.

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Can anyone Provide me this prezi:
I need this badly…I don’t find the “Make a Copy” option or “reusable prezi” option!

Thank You!

Is there anything out there as to why prezi felt the need to disable the copy function that in Classic? It seems odd since it was such a useful tool.

I love Prezi, but I really dislike that I can no longer save presentations. I understand that signing up for Prezi Next is why; I read that here, but, to be honest, I am not a fan of Prezi Next and would much rather have the old Prezi with its capabilities- including saving Prezis. If I had known this would be the result of signing up for Prezi Next, I would not have done it. There are too many good presentations out there to have to recreate everything from scratch. This is a big disappointment.


When I click “Make a copy” of my . presentation it is not duplicating. Thoughts?