The templates disappeared from Prezi Video

I created a couple of Prezi Videos using the desktop app just last week and everything was fine. When I opened the app today and attempted to create a new presentation, there were no template choices other than the default one. Help, please!

Hi @Beth_Love, could you please tell me which templates do you think of? The ones that are visible on the right side of the Prezi Video app when you can choose to either Import a PPT or a Prezi?

Are you using Windows or Mac system?

Hi Bart,

Thanks for responding! Yes, I’m talking about the templates in the right panel when I start a new presentation or open a previously created presentation. There is nothing there except the word “Templates.”

I am using a Mac. As far as I can tell, the problem started when I updated the app.


Hi @Beth_Love, could you please send me a screenshot of the issue?