This presentation was edited while you were offline - message


Lately sometimes i have to switch between Prezi Next and Present to be able to insert gifs (some can not be inserted in Next). When i use Next next time I always or often get the message “This presentation was edited while you were offline” or something close to that and the option to save a backup (probably before downloading the present-version.
Bug? Anything wrong, Is the downloaded version OK?

Hello @Jesse_van_Akkeren, this can be caused by the different versions of your document in the desktop app and the online one you edit via

Could you please let me know what is the issue exactly with the GIF insert on the desktop app? I think that is the root cause that we should solve.

Nothing is edited in Prezi nex when I am working in present to insert the gif, then when re-opening next I get the message I mentioned.

The Gif-problem: downloaded gif from internet or one made with design (removing background)
When I try to insert in next, it’s just not possible, it starts but never loads completely. No problem in present and then when I re-open next it’s there. It’s not really a big problem but something doesn’t work as you guys probably want.

Hello @Jesse_van_Akkeren, we couldn’t reproduce the issue on our end. Could you share some GIF files that are failing to insert in Prezi Next?

Could you also let me know the exact version of the desktop app?

Right now quite busy (preparing a presentation) but when i encounter this problem again i will pm you the gif and maybe some screenshots

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Maybe something related. This sometimes happens: I work in Prezi Next. Switch to Prezi online for designing (for instance removing backgrounds from images), work some while in prezi present and when after a while *in this cases night" returning to Prezi Next I get an error that the Prezi in Next can’t be uploaded + this pop-up. It seems to think i’m not connected to the internet, but i really am.

Thanks, @Jesse_van_Akkeren, for the context.

The syncing action is initially triggered by the fact that you are changing the same document online that is open in your desktop application. By itself, it should not be a problem, but there might be a network connection issue on your desktop application that causes the error message.

Please make sure to whitelist your desktop app on your firewall or antivirus software.