Thumbnail navigation in Prezi Video

Did something change in Prezi video? I used to be able to see thumbnails of my slides on the left hand side while presenting. It was extremely useful. You could only see a limited number at a time but it allowed you to move around in a presentation when the audience asked a question. Being able to navigate non-linearly though a presentation on the fly was a critical selling point of the software. Now when I open a presentation in Prezi Video the only option I can change is to make the “next” slide appear on the right which isn’t of much help from a navigation standpoint. Was this a feature that was removed? I was actually going to suggest a view that is all thumbnails to make this kind of navigation within a live presentation even easier but you seem to have removed even the limited version that was available. Am I missing something? Is there a way to get that view back?

Hi @Kirk_Mona, could you please let me know if you are on a Windows or a Mac system?

Please note that you should still be able to click on any element on your “canvas” to zoom into them directly.

I am on windows. Clicking to zoom into an element isn’t the issue but yes, that does work. Need the missing thumbnails.



I only see the Thumbnails when I make a Prezi Video in Prezi Video by just adding Frames… When I make a Prezi Video by importing a Prezi presentation then I do not get the thumbnails… I agree it is VERY useful to have he thumbnails and that should be available at all times - even for imported Prezi presentation.

Hi @Shaun_Mack and @Kirk_Mona, thanks for your feedbacks.
I’ll forward it to our product team!

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Hi everyone!

You should be able to activate the thumbnail view as well in your Prezi Video desktop application.
For this, you should go the the “View” option in the top menubar and activate the “Show Thumbnail Sidebar” option. You can also deactivate the “Show Next Frame” option if you’d prefer.

Hope this helps!

Yeah, that does not work. That option does not show up in the menu. It looks like my IT department is in talks with Prezi about this problem now.

Hi @Kirk_Mona, could you please let me know which version do you have installed from Prezi Video? This feature is available in our latest one, you might have an outdated one.

Hi there. I am having the same issue. The “show thumbnail sidebar” is always greyed out?
Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 11.47.46

Hi @Donovan_de_Souza, could you please tell me what is the exact version of your Prezi Video?

Hi Bart. I am using the latest version (1.24.2) on my 2015 Macbook Pro.

I also have a Premium membership which should give me this access right?

Hi @Donovan_de_Souza, could you please try to update your application to the latest version and check the new layout?

Ooooh! New layout is super awesome! Working like a dream. Thanks!