Tie audio with animations



I paid for Prezi Next as I needed the ability to create a Webinar. I signed up to Prezi Next on the basis that i could record and add audio (I did my research)… Great!!!

BIG PROBLEM… Nowhere does it say that a viewer can only add 1 Audio file per frame. I was under the impression that you could add multiple audio files so that these can tie in with animations (Therefore explaining your points on each frame).

Is this not possible? Because as a user is listening to audio, they wont know to press right on their keyboard to reveal the next point.

Yes you could remove all animation on the frames… but isn’t the point here to keep the viewer engaged?

Is there any way of adding multiple audio files or timing animations?


As far as we have been able to work out, you can only do what you are wanting to do with Prezi CLASSIC. Not sure if you would have access to Classic since it is the “older” version, but it has this feature that it sounds like you are looking for.


@FBC_Manby_Bowdler_LL I’ve converted your topic to a feature request as we understand how it could be useful in remote presenting. We always try to discover in what ways the audio feature could be improved, this definitely belongs there, as well.


Vanda, this has been requested for almost a year now and yet NOTHING is being done. What we got was NOT what was asked for. Can you please tell us what is really happening at Prezi? It feels like Prezi is keeping important information about Prezi from its customers. . . .


Is it not possible to combine animations and audio? I signed up for Prezi plus because I thought that’s what could be done… If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it :frowning:


@Emmi_Seppala what you’re trying to do is not possible for the time being, I’m afraid. I merged your request to the thread requesting a similar functionality, so we could update this topic once we get any news from our product team.