Time zone/date stamp


How does one locate the date stamp (time zone) setting?


@Drew_Jacobs In order for us to be able to assist you better, could you please specify what you would like to achieve? Would you like to be able to see when updates have been made to a presentation? Thanks in advance for clarifying.


Thank you. Yes, I would like to know when the latest update has been made to a Prezi. More precisely, what is the method used to place a date stamp with the newer version of Prezi. With Prezi classic you had a date stamp that indicated when the person last opened the Prezi to work on it. With my students using the new version they claim the date stamp is not accurate. They claim the date stamp appears to change when they open the Prezi program, not just the individual Prezi.


For example, I create my prezi next on 10/15/18 and log off at 11pm. I share the link with someone and when they view it the date stamp is now 10/16/18. There was no edit to the prezi (next) but the date stamp indicates the next day. Prezi classic never did this with the date stamp. Unless if you went back into the program and edited it then the date stamp would change. Why is the date stamp not accurate?


Why is the date stamp on a prezi next presentation not accurate? If you edit the prezi and log off, share the link with another person, the date stamp changes. Why would the date of when it was last edited change if the editor has not done anything with the original presentation?


@Drew_Jacobs Is it possible that the person you sent the view link to was/is in a different time zone?


No. They are all students in a class. All are in the Eastern Time Zone of the U.S. They are saving their work on a day and the time stamp changes to the next day, without them ever going into edit the presentation. One student showed me a five hour time difference between when she stopped editing her prezi next and the date stamp indicating the next day. That does not make sense. What time zone is your server operating on that places the date stamp? Do you have more than one server that places a date stamp? I just give students a deadline, then they abide by that deadline but Prezi shows a different date. Very confusing and frustrating. I appreciate your guidance so I can proceed fairly with my students. This is a great teaching tool and you can impress what could be future customers. However, they are frustrated and so am I. None of us care for the confusion on what should be a very simple method of applying a date stamp when you do the work, not hours after you finish the work. I know that prezi classic showed a consistent date stamp. When you edited it on one day and made it public for viewing the date stamp stayed the same. That is not happening with prezi next. What information and help can you offer?


@Drew_Jacobs Thanks for the information and sorry for any inconveniences, we are going to test this feature and update you as soon as possible.


Still waiting on word about the date stamp for Prezi. How does the date stamp work? Why does the date stamp not show an accurate date, such as a five hour time difference from when the work was completed and the Prezi indicates a different date stamp. Sure could use some quick assistance on this matter.


@Drew_Jacobs We tested the date stamp on several different presentations and in several different accounts.

We came to the conclusion that the feature works properly, the same way as in Prezi Classic, as in:

  • the date only changes when the presentation itself is opened for editing. Opening the app/website itself does not change the date stamp on a presentation

  • while on the website only day and month is indicated, in the app you can see if the presentation was recently edited/2 hours ago etc.

  • the date and time of the last editing is based on your local time

If you still believe the date is not displayed properly, please send me a link to a presentation where you are experiencing the issue so we can compare the date stamp and the last time the presentation was edited.