Timer and more font and colour combination.

Can you let us put timer on our items when it is following the paths? So it follow the path by it self on the timer that we set for each item.
And can you give us a variety of choices in our font type and colours. So far there is only three combination allowed. Like let us choose each font and colour type for every thing we decide to write. But over all prezie is good and it is just going to get better (Y)

Hi there,

Right now, you can autoplay your prezi by clicking and holding down on the right arrow button in Show mode, or on “More” in the View page.

Fonts: I agree this is a useful feature. Hopefully in the future we will add this but I can not promise a timeline unfortunately.


Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

and for the “autoplay” thing. It goes by it self with it’s own time. But I want to put a timer on when to move to the next section on my presentation. So when i press play it moves by itself with my timer on it… If that makes sense.
Sorry I’m not good at explaining.

This may help you - my new autoplayer - Prezi has an autoplay function but this is different - http://prezi.com/ks1hzyhympnm/autopla…