Timing of animations combined with audio

Hi everyone,

I am new to Prezi and I am wondering if there is any solution for my problem:
I was planning to create a “tutorial-like” Prezi. My idea was to create a Prezi present and add Audios as a voice over. My students (for whom the prezi will be) can navigate themselves through the Prezi and leave the given path. On every new frame will be a new audio. My question is, if I can somehow time animations so, that when the audio reaches a certain mark an animation will happen and the audio continues and so on (without anyone clicking). Like a Slidecast but just for one slide/frame.

Thanks for your help

Hi @Daniel_Willfroth, this is not possible, I’m afraid.

Currently, you can only add an audio file to a zoom area or a topic or subtopic that plays when the presentation goes to the given step.

Thanks for the detailed request, however. I’m forwarding it to our product team. :slight_smile: