Title bar when sharing screen in Prezi Video

Does anyone know how to remove the top title bar when you share screen? I have attached a photo to explain what I mean.

Thank you!

Hi @Kirstin_Ferguson, could you please let me know how you share the screen exactly? Could you try making the PPT slide full screen and see if the screen share changes?

Thanks so much for your offer of help :slight_smile:
I am selecting the screen share button on Prezi video desktop app (I am using a Mac) and then selecting the window I wish to share (which is Powerpoint).
The powerpoint window is not taking up the whole screen (since then I wouldn’t be able to see the Prezi video app or other windows like Word which has notes for the presentation).
The screen share works perfectly but I can’t see to remove the title bar at the top at all.
Any advice most welcome!

Hi @Kirstin_Ferguson, thanks for the explanation.

If you are using a Mac it should be possible to put your PPT full screen, then with a 3-finger swipe, you should be able to go back to the main screen with Prezi Video and your notes. If you choose to screen share this way the title bar should not be visible.
If your PPT does not have animations you can also import it directly to Prezi Video where you can also add your notes.

I hope this helps, and I’m forwarding this case to our product team.