Tool or feature to space objects evenly


Along with the current ability to center and align top-bottom, left-right between 2 objects, I’d love to see a tool option that would recognize if 3 objects (or more) are evenly spaced apart.

:tennis: _____ :tennis: _____ :tennis: is perfectly spaced
and it would be nice to have a tool that would automatically call out where to place to get it to look like that, instead of eyeballing and maybe coming up with this instead
:tennis: ____ :tennis: __ :tennis: is not so great

This is a feature I’m “borrowing” from Adobe programs like Illustrator. It has keys that allow you to select the various objects and evenly distribute in the X or Y direction, or there’s also a feature where a pink gridline/arrows pop up when you get to the point where the space is equal. I believe spacing arrows also pop up in a similar fashion in Powerpoint (shhh, don’t tell on me… kidding, in full disclosure, there are still a small few holdouts here & I have to edit their slides from time to time).

In the meantime, I create a new shape as a “spacer” that I place between my objects & then delete once no longer needed (kind of like :tennis: :black_large_square: :tennis: :black_large_square: :tennis: & then I delete the black squares). If there’s a better way, feel free to add a tip/trick below. Thanks!


Thanks, @Plastic_Ingenuity, this workaround indeed doesn’t seem time efficient (very clever though), we’ll pass the request on!